MEOWW city for CNY.
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since its a HISTORY now,then imma do it as simple as possible,as quickly as possible and as interesting as possible.lol.i was thinking if I should first edit these pictures but then,yea.i dont think so anyone would be damn effin interested with this already.
just abit of a flashback,i went to Sarawak before the actual day of cny,then of course i became one of the sarawakians for like 5days i guess? then flew back west,and then to Perak later on.eh hem,i know its kinda confusing.i'll let the pictures do the talking then.

#1 le preparing


#3 like sisters,like brothers!!


#6 Famous Amos is <3

#7 simple Hakka reunion dinnerr


#9 weather cast check on ipad.
if you think there's nothing wrong with the cast,then you're terribly wrong.
wanna know why? :)

#10 megusta!


Guess what.The bloody plane delayed for like one hour from our departure time. As if im taking the early flight when in fact I took the latest flight of the day,which is around 10+pm. But then the anger just vanished when im on board,cause the pilot in-charge apologized for the delay.He said it was all because of the traffic jam from their previous flight.I was like 'are you kidding me? AEROPLANE DO FACE TRAFFIC JAMS TOO?' as in jam on the sky?with the clouds? or birds?lol

#12 in a temple @ the town


#14 various offerings for them to celebrate cny too o.O


#16 people say its the biggest mall in town
but most of the shops arent open during cny.
yeah rite,i forgot we're living in MALAYSIA.

Before I start writing about cny stuffs,let me tell you some interesting facts.Err,i think i mustn't said its facts cause in fact its not factual.lol. Watever it is,here is some of the facts I found out during my 2 day stay,at that time

#1 Radio Station
Yehh,their radio station werent the same. If you're going to the east, then be prepared for the days without JJ and Ean as ur morning DJ.no wicked giggles,no evil laughs,no lame jokes.*cries* but of course,the announcer there wasnt too bad,just that the ones in west are better. 

#2 Aeroplane
Dont kill me,This so-called fact is true,but lame. you have to sit an aeroplane to go to the east of Malaysia.as in not east peninsular,get it right. THERE'S NO ALTERNATIVE WAY to get there,yet.

#3 Layer Cake
I craveee for their layer cake like,for so freaking long.cause they have the best layer cake in town! And and guess what,to every house I visit during CNY,there will be layer cakes. Its like no layer cake,not Sarawakians. and of course the awesome me ate almost all of the layer cakes,in every houses I went =) A friend of mine introduced the layer cakes from Malacca,but I hadnt had the chance to try it yet. from the look of the Malacca layer cake,I believe it should be nicer since the appearance does look like the real sliced cake.
*lick lips*

#4 Public Transport
Apparently,there is no public transport in Kuching. YES, no buses, no trains, no LRT ,no nothing. Cool isn't it? everyone has a car and the coolest thing is, there wouldnt be any traffic jams in the city,not like the ones you can see in Klang Valley. *disgraced*
ps :: sister told me this but i hadnt really notice it.do correct me if im wrong.but most of the time my sister does not tell lies  :)

#5 Food
The food there is awesome too.In the sense that most of the dishes are oil-free.suitable for ladies like me who's on diet and want to reduce oil intake and at the same time could consume yummy foods. But of course I couldnt get use to their famous dishes yet,like the Hakka yongtaufoo,porks and all.most of the time the dishes make me go 'Oh,Im full already'.

#6 人
the 人s there are,unique.Most of the time when you approach to someone whom you assume is a chinese,and you'll go '老板,我要..' then that person will give you pokerface.jpg. 

#7 Tol-Free
this would probably be the most kanasai thing I've ever known.no one will ever ask you 'eh,how much you pay for the toll on your way to blablabla city?' or 'damn,the toll price increased'. Apparently,government has yet to fix a plaza tol in Sarawak.not a single one.okay,lets migrate to Sarawak.

I hate to say this,but...


apparently BONG isn't a unique surname in Sarawak.I bumped onto these shops when i was buying souvenirs,and both the pictures are from different group of people,i mean family. Nevermind then,as long as its unique here.HAHA.

DAY 3/5

#19 gong xi gong xi gong xi ni!

#20 Red nails checked
Red specs checked
red clothes checked
red bag checked!

#21 sarawak's famous delicacies.
also my favourite!!


#23 outfit of the day.


most of the time I was at home,so zero pictures.

DAY 4/5

#25 angpao-taking day!

#26 meet Emily Bong. 
she was forced to take a picture before she gets to use the Ipad. lol

#27 i can always see the sweetest smile from her.. <3


#29 le.


#30 up up to the hill

#31 i'm few hours pregnant in this pic. lol -.-

#32 guess how many fishys are there in this picture.The one who gets the right answer wins!

#33 那些年,我们 blablabla

#34 layer cakes with different flavours

#35 le caught a fish..

#36 ...magic!!


#38 force forcee

#39 hakka dishes.menoreallylikey.=x

DAY 5/5


#41 the cat.CAT. KUCING!
the famous spot in Kuching city.
I remember having a picture of my sister and I with this cat.
by the look of the whiskers and all,you can tell it grew older already :(


#43 purposely blurred it :p

#44 beads and flowers

#45 handmade souvenir



#48 Emily and Lesley

#49 love her and miss her. :'(


Sign Off
Erica Bong

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